Regular Polygons, Triangles

Side Tri. Sq. Penta. Hexa. Cirumference Area

Base b Height h Circumference Area

(For right triangle, fill in any 2 of first 3 boxes; for triangle, fill in 3 sides first:)
Leg1 Leg2 Hypothenuse Circumference Area
(Side1) (Side2) (Side3)


Length a Width b Circumference Area
rectangle parallelogram
Base b Height h Ramp a
Circumference Area


Trapezoid RTrapezoid Cone Frustum
Fill in any 3 of the following 4 boxes. When click Rt. Trapezoid button, a conical frustum is also calculated.
Short Side a Long Side b Height h Ramp Side s
Circumference Area
Frustum Surf. Frustum Vol.

Fill in any 2 of the following 5 boxes: Rhombus
Side a Height h Diag. p Diag. q Area S
Circumference In-radius r

Circle, Sphere, Circular Segment/Sector

Circle Sphere
Circumference Area Surface Area Volume
Circular Segment Circular Segment


Fill in first box and then any one of the next four boxes. Also fill in the 1st box of last row if you want to compute tanker. Then click the button. The second row is for circular segment (cols 2&3) and circular sector (cols 4&5). The 3rd row is data for spherical cap and spherical sector. The last row is for tanker surface area and volume.
Radius r Height h Arc s Chord c Angle theta
Circumference Area Sec. Circum. Sector Area
Curve Area Surface Area Volume Sec. Surface Sec. Volume

Tanker Width L Tank Surface Tank Volume

Solid Geometry

Prism Pyramid
(Fill in first 3 boxes:)
Length l Width w Height h Surface Area Volume
Cylinder Cone

(Fill in first 2 boxes:)
Radius Height Surface Area Volume

Hollow Cylinder Hollow Cylinder Formula
(Fill in first 3 boxes:)
Big Radius r1 Radius r2 Height h Surface Area Volume
Circumference Area
For 2-D annulus data: